Why ANH?

ANH Hand Tied Hair was created by Amy Nedderman-Schroder, an extension specialist since 2014. It was born out of a need for realistic extension color options in high quality hair that won't matte, tangle, or shed.


ANH Hand Tied Hair is inspired by formulas used behind the chair every day so less time is spent coloring and prepping extension hair for the perfect blend. 

Partnering with an extension manufacturer, Amy created a straightforward line of hair, no hiding behind any silicone coating. No matting or "crawling", with a guarantee the cuticle will always be in tact, facing the same direction.

Ethically sourced from Asia and Mongolia, this hair has a naturally thicker cuticle than most extension hair. Because of this, it is recommended to use 10 volume when coloring to open the cuticle enough to deposit.

The thicker cuticle also means that ANH Hand Tied Hair is more durable, it can tolerate heat, permanent color, and perming, while still remaining soft and shiny. Use a silicone free oil daily to keep it moisturized.

Let ANH Hand Tied Hair save you time behind the chair, while still achieving the best blend possible!